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Creative Office Space in Frankford Philadelphia

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Next Availability:

Contact us to learn about our next availability!  Frankford Works currently has 14 fully leased units.  We are currently planning next phases of renovations, with potential units 1,000 - 10,000 SF and more!

Units Already Leased:
D1-A, D1-B, D1-C, D1-D, D1-E, D2-A, D2-B, D2-C, D2-D, D2-E, D2-F, D2-G, E1-2/F, E3.


Frankford Works is a 60,000 SF former warehouse facility, converted into creative commercial office spaces.  FW features fantastic spaces with large windows, tall timber ceilings, exposed brick, and industrial details. 

Frandford Works is located blocks from I-95 and the Betsy Ross Bridge for easy access to Center City Philadelphia and transport to the Northeast, New Jersey, and I-95 corridor destinations.  The El Market-Frankford line and bus routes are nearby as are the abundant shops and restaurants in Port Richmond and Fishtown.  The neighborhood is a unique combination of residential, commercial, and industrial properties with a long history of manufacturing, industry, and artist/maker communities.




From "Frankford is a historic gateway to Northeast Philadelphia. The area was first inhabited by Lenape Indians and later settled by the Swedes around 1660. The name “Frankford” originates from the “Manor of Frank,” a land sale from William Penn to a group of London Quaker businessmen called the Free Society of Traders, that dates to 1687."

1845 Map.JPG

1843 Philadelphia County, Charles Ellet, Jr.

1848 map.JPG

1849 Oxford Township Map, M. Dripps.

The site that is now Frankford Works, was developed in the 1920's by Supplee-Wills Jones Milk Company, as a milk distribution center for the surrounding area.   

1929 map.JPG

1929 Philadelphia Wards 23 & 41, Geo. Bromley.

1942 Map.JPG

1962 Philadelphia Land Use Map.

The Supplee-Wills Jones Milk Company distribution center was located here at least through the 1960s.  


Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Mrs. Helen Joyce, one of the many women now working for the Supplee-Wills-Jones Milk Company. She has one child and her husband is a seaman first class in the U.S. Navy.


Supplee-Wills-Jones Milk Co. employee Barbara Allen, 1947, From Temple University Digital Library.

The building had many additions and neighboring buildings were combined.  Various small factories and manufacturers occupied the building, including textile mills, through to the early 2000's when the building was repurposed as an artist studio building.  The building was purchased by its current owners in 2018 and has since been completely renovated.  The first phase of renovations are complete and future phases of renovation are currently being planned.


Ghost sign from textile manufacturer.


Frankford Works today.



Frankford Works

4558 Worth Street

Philadelphia PA 19124

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